Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can foods promote weight loss?

It can be easy to enter into the pattern of working out too regularly only to ignore the amount of calories you are ingesting. With a good 2 hours at the gym in your system, the seduction to indulge in a snack can quickly sneak into your thoughts defeating the whole purpose of why you exercised to begin with.

If any area of this overview sounds like you, then the following suggestions can help you overcome this.

First of all track your calorie retention over the course of a week where you exercised for more than 4 hours over the week. Next repeat this same process but this time don't workout. More often than not when you compare your calorie retention over these 2 weeks you will discover that you ingested less during the non-exercise period than when you exercised.

Yet before you decide to remove exercise from your weight loss management programme, regulating your dietary routines isn’t enough for guaranteeing proper weight loss. Exercising regularly is essential too. The routine for getting it right is gettingthe right balance between your calories in and your calories out.

To help you monitor a balanced diet, free from the temptations of eating treats after you exercise, we recommend including the following into your foods:

1- Oatmeal – this high fibre low calorie option contains little sugar, making it the ideal dish to satisfy your cravings between the morning and dinnertime.

2- Eggs - eggs are one of the few food options in your diet that include Vitamin D as well as minute calories. Encasedin protein too, eggs are an incredibleway to fill up efficiently.

3- Blueberries - a great source of fibre, blueberries include minute fat and are a proven source for Vitamin C. Plus renowned for containing antioxidants, these toxin fighters have been discovered to use fat for energy.

4- Brown rice and whole grain pasta – these include mountains of fibre with little sugar. The ideal lunch fill up.

5- Turkey breast - the great thing about turkey is that you can use it to create lots of meals whilst benefiting from its minimal fat and large protein build up.

6-Baked apples – nutritional foods doesn’t have to be boring. By removing the core, dicing the apple and warming it up with cinnamon and sugar , this can create a great healthy dessert.

7- Red wine – whilst you should drinkwine in moderation a medical study by Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital has found that dieters who drink 15g-35g of wine every day are up to 30% less likely to become overweight.

However if you need a supporting hand starting your weight loss, the aid of our natural weight loss pill Proactol can help you to quickly lose that excess weight and achieve your dietary ambitions. Simply include this proven appetite suppressant as part of a nutritious diet and you can lose a steady 1-2lbs a week.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Can You Spot A Fad Diet?

 With the obesity epidemic believed to affect more than fifty percent of the worlds population, the age of ‘celebrity diets’ and ‘quick weight loss progammes’ has risen in popularity. From the cabbage soup diet to the Hollywood 24 to the Factor 5 diet, all of these weight loss fads all claim to quicken weight loss and increased rejuvenation.

Can they help you to lose weight?

Unfortunately not… Apart from helping you to witness quick weight loss, ninety percent of slimmer’s have experienced small weight loss of just 1-2lbs before plateauing after their first week.

More disappointingly, once they stopped eating these said diets they quickly regained all excess lbs lost.

Can they harm your health?

Whilst it is true that some of the top celebrity can help slimmers to experience quick weight loss, many cannot be used for the long term

Limiting the amount ofessential nutrients needed to ensure your metabolism is working at optimum capacity, many involve reducing your calorie content to less than 1,000 calories a day– more than half your allowance.

Accompanied by strict exercise routines and unrelenting calorie checking, most of these diets run the risk of causing you to feel quezy, tired, unable to focus and more worryingly unable to function properly - All of which are dangerous for your health.

How can you spot them?

Promoting a ‘quick fix’ solution to your body concerns, you can easily spot a celebrity diet by their:

• Too good to be true claims

• Lack of clinical studies

• Elimination of one if not more of the five recommended food groups

• Recommendations from trials without reviews from other researchers

When a weight loss programme or weight loss supplement, it is essential to thoroughly analyse their effects first before including them into your weight loss programme. If there are no clinical studies or proof that they can produce safe weight loss results, then they are too good to be true.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Top 4 Weight Loss Regimes

If you are looking for support slimming down for swimming costume and your summer holidays, the upcoming dieting tips can help to speed up your weight loss goals safely, naturally and healthily.
1,500 Calorie Per Day Diet
According to dieticians you need up to 1,200 calories per day to help your body to work efficiently; yet incorporate such a low nutrient health plan for more than a month and it could harm your heart.
As a result, if you are seeking to get in shape safely we suggest lowering your daily meals to no fewer than 1,500 calories per day to help ensure enhanced exercise and consistent metabolic burn.
Just split your dishes into five 300 calorie segments and eat them over the length of the day. Not only will this prevent your metabolism from dropping, but these 300 calorie regular portions will help you to experience lesser cravings and remain satisfied all day long. Just try to ensure that you consume a nutritious balance of 40 percent carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fats.
Low Carb Weight Loss Plan
Even though it is not recommended to pursue any diet that cuts important nutrients from your weight loss plan for too long, limiting your carbohydrate consumption can help you to lose excess body fat.
The thing about carbs is if you do not consume them moderately, more often than not they are transformed into excess stored fats which can encourage weight fluctuations. However this can easily be resolved. Just try to remember to consume the foods below:
• Exchange white rice for brown rice

• Exchange white bread for broad bread

• Exchange white pasta for whole wheat pasta

Just try to decrease your current carb intake in half and substitute for meals that are overflowing in protein.

High Protein Weight Loss Plan

Protein is fantastic for strengthening your muscles, helping you to exercise and get rid of calories for longer. For this reason try to ingest lean meats, poultry, fish and tofu, as well as swap whole milk for soy or no fat milk.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

‘Water therapy’ as it is otherwise recognised can help your system to get rid of dangerous toxins which can affect digestion and calorie burn. However this is not all…

Current studies suggests that by consuming up to half an ounce of fluids for every lb of body weight you have – daily - you can eliminate hunger and stay fuller for longer all day long.

If however, after all these weight loss plans you still struggling to achieve your weight loss goals, the guidance of a proven weight loss supplement can help. Scientifically proven through 6 medical studies to eliminate up to 28% of your dietary fat content, Proactol can also help you to curb your hunger, lower your nutrient content by 150 calories per meal, boost your energy levels and decrease your bad cholesterol levels. Theoretically the perfect support system for healthy, risk free weight loss…

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weight Loss With Pills

It can be difficult when you first try to lose weight, and many people want to give up due to lack of weight loss. It can be possible to lose weight consistently and here's how you can.

Using a weight loss pill program to control and lose your weight is becoming popular, because it can provide lots of benefits for the user.
One such weight loss program is Proactol, and it can have benefits for you in the following way:-

-It can help to suppress appetite, and decrease cravings for food.

-It can help to reduce excess body weight, and enable you to fit smaller sized clothing.

-It has been proven clinically to help lose unwanted weight.

-It can help to lower your blood cholesterol levels.

-Can help you to look healthier and feel happier.

So with all these benefits, how does it actually work?
The Proactol pill is a fat binder product that you swallow after you have consumed a meal. The components contained in the proactol attach themselves to the fat molecules in the food, preventing your body from absorbing the fat, hence limiting your weight gain. The proactol is capable of stopping up to 27% of the consumed fat from being absorbed into your body.

The Proactol pills are manufactured from 100% natural ingredients, and are free from salt, colourings, allergens, and with is plant base, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is medically backed by world renowned experts and clinical studies.
With a proactol weight loss pill program you also get access to additional food recipes, free exercise programs and 24 hour phone support. If you are concerned that this product may not be as effective as claimed, or give the results that you want, they offer a money back guarantee.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How To Lose Weight

Its a global problem this obesity epidemic.
What can we do to lose weight?
Where do we look to find the information?

If you are looking for products to use, exercise programmes to follow or diet plans, stick around as I give you what you need.